Joan Oleza Simó (dir.), "EMOTHE. European Theatre Collection"

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1 de enero del 2015


The core of EMOTHE is the creation of a repertory of classics of early modern European Theatre. The repertory comprises plays from four basic traditions of early modern European theatre (Italian, English, French and Spanish), and uses the four corresponding languages. The edition of each play must contain at least two versions, one in the original language and the other in a language of translation. However, the aim is to present each play in the original language and in three translations. But there can be more versions. The structure is conceived as a galaxy of texts, as a set of planetary systems, in which each star/play is the orbiting centre of its planets/texts, that are translations of a original play into other languages, or different versions in the same original language of that play, or successive adaptations in the same language or in others, etc.