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1 de enero del 2019


The overall objective of this project is to map out an accurate picture of how news content is being created, distributed, commented upon and shared within the current hybrid media system. To that end, we have defined the following four tasks:

▶ Describe the news strategies online media have adopted at the organisational and content creation level, especially those associated with their relationships with new actors participating in the system and the manner in which they incorporate the content these newcomers generate into the overall content they offer their audiences.

▶ Determine, by means of an analysis of emergent digital public spheres, the ways in which audiences receive, analyse and share news generated by all actors operating within the system and the manner to which social media platforms contribute to a higher level of pluralism.

▶ Examine the journalistic impact of disinformation, one of the main consequences of the hybrid media system, examining the degree of transparency and security applied in professional practices, tools, platforms and policies.

▶ Analyse the social, economic and technological changes that have given rise to the emergence of a hybrid media system in which the number of participating actors has exponentially increased and the roles they play and their relationships with audiences have both been altered – an ecosystem in which a growing number of agents have the tools, capacity and means to generate news content on an equal basis.

News, networks and users in the Hybrid Media System (NEWSNET) is a Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation And Universities (RTI2018-095775-B-C41/42/44)

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