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Funding DH Projects at the NEH

SA Brennan
2020 Artículo

Creating Local Linkages

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2020

M Brett, J Legg, LQ Walters Cooper, S Robertson, M Kelly, SA Brennan, ...
2020 Artículo

Stamping American Memory: Collectors, Citizens, and the Post

University of Michigan Press, 2018

S Brennan
2018 Artículo

Digital Scholarship and Community Engagement

S Brennan, S Leon
2017 Artículo

Public, First

Debates in Digital Humanities 2016, 2016

SA Brennan
2016 Artículo

A case for digital collections

Collections 12 (4), 381-390, 2016

SA Brennan
2016 Artículo

Scholars as Students Introductory Digital History Training for Mid-Career Historians

S Leon, SA Brennan
2015 Artículo

Doing Digital History: An Institute for Mid-Career American Historians

SA Brennan, SM Leon
2015 Artículo

Building Histories of the National Mall: A Guide to Creating a Digital Public History Project

http://mallhistory. org/, 2015

SA Brennan, M Brett, J Legg, S Leon, J Safley
2015 Artículo

Making Room by Letting Go: A Look at the Ephemerality of Collections

https://forum. savingplaces. org/connect/blogs, 2014

SA Brennan
2014 Artículo

# Occupy Archive: Archiving the Occupy Movement from 2011

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2013

SA Brennan, M Cooley, M Brett, LA Ghajar, J Halabuk, L Harmon, M Kelly, ...
2013 Artículo

Debating Identity and Origins with Early Twentieth-Century American Commemoratives

Smithsonian Contributions to History and Technology, 2012

SA Brennan
2012 Artículo

Debating Identity and Origins in Early 20th-Century American Commemoratives

Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2012

SA Brennan
2012 Artículo

The Oxford handbook of oral history

Oxford University Press, 2011

DA Ritchie
2011 Artículo

Oral History in the Digital Age

The Oxford Handbook of Oral History, 2011

K Schrum, S Brennan, J Halabuk, S Leon, T Scheinfeldt
2011 Artículo

‘Little Colored Bits of Paper’Collected in the Progressive Era

Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2010

SA Brennan
2010 Artículo

Mobile for Museums

S Leon, SA Brennan, D Lester
2009 Artículo

Stamping American Memory: Stamp Collecting in the US, 1880s-1930s

SA Brennan
2009 Artículo

Why Collecting History is Web 1.5, 2009

T Kelly, SA Brennan
2009 Artículo

Why Collecting Online is Web 1.5

SA Brennan, TM Kelly
2009 Artículo

Why Collecting History Online is Web 1.5

Center for History and New Media, Case Study. http://chnm. gmu. edu/essays …, 2009

SA Brennan, TM Kelly
2009 Artículo

Taking a byte out of the archives: Making technology work for you

Perspectives, 2005

S Brennan, D Mudd, P Petrik
2005 Artículo

First Contact: the Challenge of Integrating Graduate Attributes from First Year: Proceedings of the First Year Forum 2003

University of New South Wales, 2003

First Year Forum (2003), P Adam, S Brawley, S Brennan, M Cooley, J Cox, ...
2003 Artículo

The Vindex Special: Learning about Technology through Advertising

OAH Magazine of History 12 (2), 36-39, 1998

S Smulyan, C Kosty, S Brennan
1998 Artículo

" Do Your Children Play–or Go to the Movies?": Constructions of Childhood and Class in Progressive Reform Rhetoric from the Silent Era

University of Notre Dame, 1996

SA Brennan
1996 Artículo

Space station propulsion options

21st Joint Propulsion Conference, 1155, 1985

1985 Artículo