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Uptake and translocation of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) in hydroponically grown red chicory (Cichorium intybus L.): Growth and developmental toxicity, comparison with growth …

Science of the Total Environment 720, 137333, 2020

A Gredelj, C Nicoletto, S Polesello, C Ferrario, S Valsecchi, R Lava, ...
2020 Article

Uptake and translocation of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAA) in red chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) under various treatments with pre-contaminated soil and irrigation water

Science of The Total Environment 708, 134766, 2020

A Gredelj, C Nicoletto, S Valsecchi, C Ferrario, S Polesello, R Lava, ...
2020 Article

Oxygen supersaturation protects coastal marine fauna from ocean warming

Science Advances 5 (9), eaax1814, 2019

F Giomi, A Barausse, CM Duarte, J Booth, S Agusti, V Saderne, A Anton, ...
2019 Article

Deriving predicted no-effect concentrations (PNECs) for emerging contaminants in the river Po, Italy, using three approaches: Assessment factor, species sensitivity …

Environment International 119, 66-78, 2018

A Gredelj, A Barausse, L Grechi, L Palmeri
2018 Article

Historical ecology of semi-enclosed basins and coastal areas: Past, present and future of seas at risk

Regional Studies in Marine Science 21, 1-6, 2018

S Raicevich, A Barausse, E Canadelli, T Fortibuoni, C Mazzoldi
2018 Article

Protecting and restoring the salt marshes and seagrasses in the lagoon of Venice

This publication is included in the project “Life Pletera”(LIFE13 NAT/ES …, 2018

D Tagliapietra, D Baldan, A Barausse, A Buosi, D Curiel, I Guarneri, ...
2018 Article

In search of prey: the occurrence of Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre, 1788) in the northern Adriatic Sea and its interactions with fishery.

Acta Adriatica 57 (2), 2016

L Finotto, A Barausse, C Mazzoldi
2016 Article

An ecosystem model of the lower Po river for use in ecological risk assessment of xenobiotics

Ecological modelling 332, 42-58, 2016

L Grechi, A Franco, L Palmeri, A Pivato, A Barausse
2016 Article

The structure of a marine tropical food web, and its implications for ecosystem-based fisheries management

Ecological modelling 328, 23-33, 2016

AF Navia, VH Cruz-Escalona, A Giraldo, A Barausse
2016 Article

Use of digestate from a decentralized on-farm biogas plant as fertilizer in soils: an ecotoxicological study for future indicators in risk and life cycle assessment

Waste management 49, 378-389, 2016

A Pivato, S Vanin, R Raga, MC Lavagnolo, A Barausse, A Rieple, ...
2016 Article

Diel activity and short‐distance movement pattern of the European spiny lobster, Palinurus elephas, acoustically tracked

Marine Ecology 36 (3), 389-399, 2015

VM Giacalone, A Barausse, M Gristina, C Pipitone, V Visconti, ...
2015 Article

Is ecosystem restoration worth the effort? The rehabilitation of a Finnish river affects recreational ecosystem services

Ecosystem services 14, 158-169, 2015

C Polizzi, M Simonetto, A Barausse, N Chaniotou, R Känkänen, ...
2015 Article

An integrated model-based approach to the risk assessment of pesticide drift from vineyards

Atmospheric Environment 111, 136-150, 2015

A Pivato, A Barausse, F Zecchinato, L Palmeri, R Raga, MC Lavagnolo, ...
2015 Article

Past and future challenges in managing European seas

Ecology and Society 20 (1), 2015

T Blenckner, A Kannen, A Barausse, C Fischer, JJ Heymans, T Luisetti, ...
2015 Article

Food web modeling of a river ecosystem for risk assessment of down-the-drain chemicals: A case study with AQUATOX

Science of the Total Environment 508, 214-227, 2015

A Lombardo, A Franco, A Pivato, A Barausse
2015 Article

An integrated approach to prevent the erosion of salt marshes in the Lagoon of Venice

EQA - Environmental Quality 18, 43-54, 2015

A Barausse, L Grechi, N Martinello, T Musner, D Smania, A Zangaglia, ...
2015 Article

Jellyfish blooms and their impacts on welfare benefits: recreation in the UK and fisheries in Italy

Coastal Zones Ecosystem Services, 219-240, 2015

MG Palmieri, M Schaafsma, T Luisetti, A Barausse, A Harwood, A Sen, ...
2015 Article

Steps toward a shared governance response for achieving Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea

Ecology and Society 19 (4), 2014

S Cinnirella, R Sardà, JLS de Vivero, R Brennan, A Barausse, J Icely, ...
2014 Article

Phytoplankton dynamics in the Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat, Red Sea): A simulation study of mariculture effects

Marine pollution bulletin 86 (1-2), 481-493, 2014

L Laiolo, A Barausse, Z Dubinsky, L Palmeri, S Goffredo, Y Kamenir, ...
2014 Article

Jellyfish blooms in the northern Adriatic Sea: fishermen's perceptions and economic impacts on fisheries

Fisheries Research 155, 51-58, 2014

MG Palmieri, A Barausse, T Luisetti, K Turner
2014 Article

Improved heat tolerance in air drives the recurrent evolution of air-breathing

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1782), 20132927, 2014

F Giomi, M Fusi, A Barausse, B Mostert, HO Pörtner, S Cannicci
2014 Article

The role of fisheries and the environment in driving the decline of elasmobranchs in the northern Adriatic Sea

ICES Journal of Marine Science 71 (7), 1593-1603, 2014

A Barausse, V Correale, A Curkovic, L Finotto, E Riginella, E Visentin, ...
2014 Article

Assessment of compost dosage in farmland through ecotoxicological tests

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 1-15, 2014

A Pivato, R Raga, MC Lavagnolo, S Vanin, A Barausse, L Palmeri, ...
2014 Article

A comparative analysis of trophic structure and functioning in large-scale Mediterranean marine ecosystems

The Mediterranean Sea, 421-434, 2014

A Barausse, L Palmeri
2014 Article

Ecological Processes Handbook

CRC Press, 2013

L Palmeri, A Barausse, SE Jorgensen
2013 Article

Biopotentiality as an index of environmental compensation for composting plants

Waste management 33 (7), 1607-1615, 2013

A Pivato, S Vanin, L Palmeri, A Barausse, G Mangione, M Rasera, ...
2013 Article

Climate change reduces offspring fitness in littoral spawners: a study integrating organismic response and long‐term time‐series

Global Change Biology 19 (2), 373-386, 2013

F Bartolini, A Barausse, HO Pörtner, F Giomi
2013 Article

A comparison of methods for the assessment of odor impacts on air quality: Field inspection (VDI 3940) and the air dispersion model CALPUFF

Atmospheric environment 61, 570-579, 2012

L Ranzato, A Barausse, A Mantovani, A Pittarello, M Benzo, L Palmeri
2012 Article

Making robust policy decisions using global biodiversity indicators

PloS one 7 (7), e41128, 2012

E Nicholson, B Collen, A Barausse, JL Blanchard, BT Costelloe, ...
2012 Article

Metabolic scaling regularity in aquatic ecosystems

CICIMAR Oceánides, 2012

LA Salcido Guevara, F Arreguín Sánchez, L Palmeri, A Barausse
2012 Article

La biopotenzialità come indicatore di compensazione ambientale per un impianto di compostaggio

RS Rifiuti Solidi 1, 23-31, 2012

A Pivato, S Vanin, L Palmeri, A Barausse, G Mangione, M Rasera, ...
2012 Article

Long‐term changes in community composition and life‐history traits in a highly exploited basin (northern Adriatic Sea): the role of environment and anthropogenic pressures

Journal of Fish Biology 79 (6), 1453-1486, 2011

A Barausse, A Michieli, E Riginella, L Palmeri, C Mazzoldi
2011 Article

Beneficial effects on water management of simple hydraulic structures in wetland systems: the Vallevecchia case study, Italy

Water Science and Technology 64 (1), 220-227, 2011

GM Carrer, M Bonato, D Smania, A Barausse, C Comis, L Palmeri
2011 Article

The integrated functioning of marine ecosystems.

PhD thesis, 2011

A Barausse
2011 Article

Modeling odour dispersion from composting plants: comparison with electronic nose measurements

Chemical Engineering Transactions 23, 297-302, 2010

A Mantovani, R Artoni, A Barausse, L Palmeri, A Pittarello, M Benzo
2010 Article

Trophic network model of the Northern Adriatic Sea: analysis of an exploited and eutrophic ecosystem

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 83 (4), 577-590, 2009

A Barausse, A Duci, C Mazzoldi, Y Artioli, L Palmeri
2009 Article

Light Extinction

Encyclopedia of Ecology 3, 2180-2184, 2008

A Barausse
2008 Article

Trophic model of the Northern Adriatic Sea, an eutrophic and highly exploited ecosystem

Fisheries Centre Research Reports 15 (6), 3, 2007

A Barausse, A Duci, C Mazzoldi, Y Artioli, L Palmeri
2007 Article