About the Network

What is the Knowmetrics Network?

The Knowmetrics Network of Social Sciences and Digital Humanities (red.knowmetrics.org), a result of the Knowmetrics project funded by the Fundación BBVA (2016 call) is a network with an academic focus aimed at giving visibility and recognition of these emerging research lines. Through the RAQMYAT project extends to the Francophone community. It is an open network, independent and free whose objective is to give visibility to the work of the community academic in the area of Digital Humanities in order to enhance the value of the research through digital media and fostering collaborations.

That is why it combines two approaches:

  1. Traditional approach, fundamentally quantitative and focused on contributions in classic formats: article, book, etc. Google Scholar has been taken as reference, in order that a researcher, having a profile in this network, can automatically enter your contributions and metrics.
  2. Digital approach, so that each researcher can upload digital artifacts, describing and visualizing them, providing qualitative information on themselves. It also allows the inclusion of profiles of other non-scientific digital networks, particularly Twitter.

The network generates a global map that relates researchers and their projects.