From DYI fine dust measurement to citizen science




Science Shop kubus of Technische Universität Berlin

As an intermediary we are linking civil society and scientific community in all sustainable development and environmental topics. We are active in different sectors of citizen science:
We organize students (self organized) projects co-working with civil society, e.g. eco-balances of repair in co-operation with repair cafes in Berlin.
We are assisting scientific staff in developing citizen science concepts in research projects, and we are assisting citizens in developing their scientific questions, e.g. linking them to respective chairs of TU Berlin and providing education in principles and practice of citizen sciences.

If you find it interesting how we link civil society and scientific community please find this short presentation about a citizens scientist project in the area of DIY measuring devices for the measurement of fine dust pollution by citizens, the contributions of kubus to the development of a citizen science project and the cooperation of science and civil society on eye level. We are keen to talk with YOU about stumbling stones in the cooperation between science and civil society and what possible solutions and improvements might be. Get in touch with us:

If you see the website on which we present this citizen science approach is in German => klick on the “English” button ;-))

Chapter 11_Participation and Co-creation in Citizen Science