El archivo fotográfico como fuente para la reconstrucción tridimensional

Abstract: Three-dimensional modeling is a process that can be applied to various archaeological purposes, either as a supplement for traditional recording, for providing virtual access to collections, or for sharing the research results. Among the available methods, Structure from Motion (SfM), an image-based modeling technique, is a friendly and accessible option. A notorious advantage is that it works with ordinary cameras and computers. Moreover, it does not require a structured arrangement during shooting. This feature makes it possible to process photographs obtained for purposes other than three-dimensional modeling, thus increasing the potential of the existing photographic archives. The procedure is applied to photographic records of fieldwork in Norpatagonia and Pampa, and results are discussed, highlighting its utility for archaeologists. Key words: Photogrammetry, three-dimensional modelling, photographic archives, archaeology. http://dx.doi.org/10.17613/M6QB7R