Expériences communicatives sur les pages web officielles cinématographiques : nouveaux contenus et stratégies promotionnelles

During the last years, as a result of the use of new programming languages for web development and the creation of more ambitious promotional strategies in the film industry, the official websites of films are becoming an ideal space for experimenting with new paratexts and uniting various promotional strategies. In this context, this article delves into this matter through a qualitative content analysis of five paradigmatic experiments used in the official websites of some film productions. All of them are connected by a common point : the collaboration of Google on their development. The first four experiments which will be investigated (Endurance Space Explorer, Find Your Way to Oz, Magic in New York and A Journey Through Middle- Earth) are paratexts that explore new communicative propositions, whereas the last experiment (Interstellar Space Hub), in contrast, is focused on creating a more dynamic and synergic website model that, in addition to incorporating this kind of paratexts, also serves as a convergence point for several promotional strategies. Therefore, through these cases, we will analyze their internal content and the interactive possibilities offered by these experiments; the fragments of the film or fictional world being explored; the hybridization of these experimental creations with transmedia strategies; and finally the possible promotional strategies which may converge in these experiments.